Playwrights and Polyglots

Although I was not able to make a lot of the great events that were held as a part of the Planet IndigenUS festival, I was fortunate enough to see the play Salt Baby by Falen Johnson.  There are so many things to say about Salt Baby – it’s an intelligent play that is an absolute riot and pure pleasure to watch unfold. 

The story chronicles growth in relationships, family, courage, identity, understanding and peace (to name a few). I love these kinds of stories, because they are ultimately the kind that hold something that everyone can relate to.  And we need stories like this, ones that connect us as an audience and let us know that it is okay to communicate with one another.  I hope everyone gets a chance at some point to watch this play.   My friend and fellow blogger Chelsey writes about it here:
This week, I have been trying to focus on language learning.  Towards the start of the week, I had been a little down because things got off to a slow start.  I’m glad this happened, because while I had been plotting out my learning plan, I realized I hadn’t really articulated what my goals were – even to myself.  Even in small ways.
By the time Tuesday rolled around, my goals had become a little clearer.   My friend showed me this cool video about learning to speak languages by Benny the Irish Polyglot.  

After I watched this, I realized that I agreed wholeheartedly with Benny.  I had to just speak, using as much language as I could.  And as the week wore on, I found myself getting closer and closer to putting words into action.  There are obviously, good supplements and tools that will help this effort but ultimately, the only way to learn to speak a language is - to speak it.  To communicate.
So as I was trying to unpack the play for this entry, I realized it would be great to talk about it in the language and so tonight, I recorded a couple of four or five minute segments of me trying to speak about the experience of going to see the play with as much language as I presently have.  The result is a pretty hilarious and choppy account of my Wednesday night. I can pretty much guarantee that these videos will never see the light of day but they were so much fun to do.  And it’s a way for me to help measure my progress.  In a few months, I hope to come back and tell that story differently – better. 
I also decided to establish another blog for writing purely in the language and after some thought, decided to call it ‘Dehode Agi?’.  My first entry – is called Ojikeda Owiya: ah.  There is little doubt in my mind that this entry is virtually incomprehensible/indecipherable and riddled with mistakes.  All in all, it was a wonderful week and I look forward to much more mistake making, learning and speaking in the days to come.  And if you get a chance to see Salt Baby at some point in the future - I hope you take the opportunity.  It's wonderful.  
Enjoy the weekend!