Sge:no! Welcome to my website!  My name is Odadrihonyanisoh, and also, Sara General. I belong to the Turtle Clan and the Mohawk Nation and I live in the community of Six Nations by the Grand River on Turtle Island.

I primarily write MG and YA speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy), inspired by themes and events in Haudenosaunee history. I've also published a collection of short stories and essays in my book Spirit & Intent. You can find my published work here:

I'm an artist and a language learner, and am currently working on a series of comics and children's books written in the Cayuga language to guide my learning. I’ve shared some of my art here on the site:  and the language books can be found at:

My research interests include Haudenosaunee cultural stories, Indigenous educational leadership and Indigenous language revitalization, and I work in the area of Indigenous education and policy. I also like to play the piano and from time to time, I post snippets of songs I’ve started writing on my Youtube Channel.

You can reach me by email at Nya:węh for taking the time to look around!


Odadrihonyanisoh (Sara General) belongs to the Turtle Clan and the Mohawk Nation. She lives in the community of Six Nations by the Grand River on Turtle Island with her husband and daughters. She is a writer, an artist, a language learner and a researcher. One of her early stories, "Going the Distance" was published in Initiations: A Selection of Young Native Writings