LOOK! My books are on iBooks!

Okay, so a few blog posts ago, I was trying to sort out where I was going to publish my books. I had settled on Amazon and Kobo because they were both apps I was really comfortable using as a reader. And in the case of Kobo, because I have a device of my own that I love. 


My plan was to use Draft2Digital to distribute to Nook and iTunes, however, two weeks ago I changed my mind. There are a couple of reasons for this. At first, I found the prospect of getting an EIN intimidating. The forms, the calling the IRS, etc. You still have to go through this process with Draft2Digital but I think I tricked myself into believing it would be easier than loading my books onto iTunes directly. But once I launched my books, I realized it made so much sense to have them available on iTunes—especially since virtually everyone in my family has an iPhone and there are millions of iPhones and they come with iBooks preinstalled as an app. So I decided to make having my books available on iTunes a priority.

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