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The Fortune Teller's Daughter - NOW AVAILABLE!

Sara General

I am so, so, so excited to finally be able to share this book with you. This story has been in my mind for the last five years. Almost every year since these characters first made themselves known to me, I’ve written this story in a different way, each time growing closer and closer to the way it was unfolding in my imagination. There have been twists and surprises all along the way.

This is a story with many characters, a story spanning many worlds and an adventure that connects to a teaching I learned from a story I was once told about the nature of Treaties and the treaty relationship.

It will be told over a series of four books. Each one building on the events of the last and weaving together the perspectives of key characters along the way. 

This book is the first one. It’s called, The Fortune Teller’s Daughter and it's about a young Haudenosaunee girl named Cora who is yanked out of her everyday life when her mother goes missing and she suddenly acquires the power of lightning. She has to figure out how to navigate that power, save her mother and decide whether or not she is going to join the larger battle between good and evil - a battle that started long before she was born but will have all kinds of bearings on her future.


Here’s the synopsis:


Cora Solomon is a skeptic. She doesn’t believe in magic. She doesn’t believe in fate. And she most certainly doesn’t believe that her mother can divine the future from a cup of tea leaves. In fact—Cora has spent her entire life wishing her mother had a normal job. 

But when her mother goes missing and the police are unable to uncover anything about her disappearance, Cora turns to the methods she once shunned to learn the truth about what happened to her mother and why. And there is certainly much to discover.

Before long, Cora is drawn deeper into the world of seers, myth and magic where she encounters strange lights, dangerous serpents and powerful beings she thought only existed in stories. Most importantly, she discovers that her mother has been keeping secrets from her—secrets that will change Cora’s life forever. 

And here it is! It's available on Amazon and Kobo. You can also order it on my book page :). Here are the links!

Amazon: The Fortune Teller's Daughter

Kobo: The Fortune Teller's Daughter


Nya:weh and happy reading!