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Sara General

Part of the reason why I’ve been doing so much art over the past year, is because I’ve always wanted to make graphic novels. Almost every story I write comes to me in some kind of visual form, and so I really want to explore this kind of storytelling over the next year. This story is one of the ones I eventually hope to illustrate. It’s also part of a collection of other writings I hope to release in a short story collection over the next year. It is a story about two assassins, and blends together fantasy, nature, history and science. It is a fictional exploration of stories about Jikonsaseh, the first clan mother, and explores different options about what the potential meaning of her name might have been and imagines a first confrontation with the wizard Tadadaho. There is also a comet and an eclipse—which is part of why I decided to share it today. 

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Tools That Helped Me Write My Research Proposal

Sara General

Last week was hectic. I finished writing a first draft of my research proposal and while there is still more to do (extra reading, revisions, line by line edits of my references), I’m happy with what I have. I’ve learned A LOT. Academic writing is a very different kind of writing than my creative writing. Even so, I can see some similarities in the creation and editing processes. They also both have unique structures that you need to follow to best convey the research story/creative story that you're telling. 

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