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a blog about reading, writing, art, education and honouring the treaty relationship

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Ojíkeˀdaˀ Owiya:ˀ áh:

Sara General

Ojíkeˀdaˀ Owiya:ˀ áh:
Sgę:no.  Odadrihonyanisoh gya: soh.
Ahseh hadot, i: gadrehta Woodland Cultural Centre.  Gihsak ne “Salt Baby”.
Egogweh  “Sgeno hakasaah!”  Haksa ah ha nyo: oh.  Egogweh – ongwehonweh.
Egogweh knowes haksa ah.  Haksa ah hanokwa Egogweh. 
(Egogweh eyasoh Juliet. Hany hayasoh Romeo)
Juliet te de’sgeno.  
Sgat srade, Romeo “Juliet?  Juliet?  Gae hase?”
Juliet hage – Hanih.  Hanih Oswege dwagategoyh.
Hanih “Sge:no geh?”
Juliet: “Te gwahs.”
“Dehode Ihse?”
Oyanre.  Knowes “Salt Baby”.  Gwegoh. 
Nya:weh.  O:neh gihya:ˀ!