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The city of Ithaca. Home to the seven portals, ancient gateways to other dimensions protected by generation after generation of guardians.

Granth is Ithaca’s head librarian. His job is to preserve centuries of knowledge regarding these magical doorways. But the portals haven't opened in decades and Granth grows weary of his work, longing for something—anything—to break the tedium of his daily routine and restore the city to greatness. 

When the enigmatic king of Terrapin comes to Ithaca with a secret proposal, it seems that Granth is about to get his wish. But when his assistant is suddenly and viciously attacked, Granth must not only find the culprit, he must ask himself if change is what he—or Ithaca—really needs.

Love fantasy and exploring new worlds? Read on! The Fall of Ithaca is a fast-paced contemporary fantasy with an Indigenous twist.

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