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The Simple Life

Sara General

Happy August everyone! I hope all is well. I am smack dab in the middle of packing up the house we’ve been living in for the last four years and getting ready to move to our new house in a few weeks. It's exhausting to pack. Exhausting to see how many things you can accumulate over four years. Exhausting to sort through and figure out what it is you need to let go of. 

I've made a lot of promises to myself over the last seven days and pretty much all of them have to do with the fact that I’m just as happy when my house is empty as when it's full because I'm fortunate enough to share my life with people I love. I don't need things to be happy. It's one of those things you know, but can also forget. At least it is for me. 

At this very moment, all we have is a bed, a crib, a bassinet, a super small tv, our phones, computers, a piano and some food (a few Nintendo 3DSs and a PlayStation 3) and we are literally having the most wonderful days ever. Life would be perfect except for the cold my daughter and I have had the last three days. 

Still. This last week has taught me a lesson about minimalism. A lesson I seem to need to learn every little while. To spend my time making memories, having experiences and creating things—stories and art—-and not worrying about anything else. 

If you've ever moved, you know as well as I do that it can be super stressful. At first, I had planned to stop writing altogether during the month of August. I needed a break. I needed to read and research and otherwise replenish my creative stores. But I had to break down and write a little bit and when I did, I was reminded again of how truly happy it makes me. I'm so grateful for writing. For learning about writing. For the new projects I'm going to be working on over the next few months. It all fills me up in their very own, very special way. Even writing this blog is helping me to relax!

Anyways. This is just a small note of hello from an empty house in the quiet aftermath of what was a packing frenzy. I have to say, I'm enjoying myself immensely. July was a fabulous month and August is shaping out to be just as fun.

Wherever you are I hope you're having all an awesome time writing and creating. And if you aren't writing and creating--what are you waiting for??? Get started :). 

Happy writing everyone! Til next time!