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Reconnecting with Writing & Art. Plus, a Surprise!

Sara General

Being a writer while being in a full-time doctoral program, maintaining a full-time job, and trying to learn a language is really challenging. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded time and time again just how important it is to keep my creative work a priority, because stories and art are my passion. So much of the energy I have for all my other roles stems from being creative and doing creative work. 

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Giving the Gift of Story

Sara General

A short little post, as this week has been all about getting ready to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday. If there's one thing I've experienced being a parent, it's that it's hard to find a good birthday gift for your child. Something that means a lot to you, something that shows them you love them more than anything and something they will have forever. 

I wrote this story for her birthday last year but didn't have a chance to finalize it and at the time, I didn't have all the other skills or know-how to finish it. Fortunately, I've learned a lot over the last year and was able to format the print book, design the cover, and insert the illustrations all by myself, which was awesome!

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5 Fantastic Resources for Self-Publishers & Indie Authors

Sara General

Earlier this week, I was listening to a writing podcast. The topic was self-publishing and the guest speaker was asked for the number one tool they would recommend for writers who were considering self-publishing. They recommended Google—which is definitely a gateway to some fabulous resources, but I felt like I would want something more specific if I were looking for help or if I were going to provide guidance to a just-starting-out-me. 

Granted, I am not as far in my self-publishing career as many authors, but I have spent the last two years reading about self-publishing and these are dozens of resources I would have recommended to myself if I’d known they’d existed. (Although I also think finding your own way to resources and connecting with online mentors is in and of itself part of the journey).

Nonetheless, here are five resources I would recommend for new authors who are considering self-publishing that will save you valuable time and help get you on your way!

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6 Lessons Learned from the Indie Author Fringe Festival

Sara General

I just finished watching another great presentation from the 2016 Indie Author Fringe Festival that took place at the London Book Fair last week. Basically, #IAF16 was twenty-four hours of incredible interviews, presentations, blogs and podcasts. You can find them all here. There was so much fantastic information that it was a challenge to keep track of all the things I wanted to work on by the time the event was over, however—I have picked out a few follow-ups I think are achievable within the next year. So without further ado, here are my 6 takeaways from #IAF16, organized into short, medium and long-term goals. 

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