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Write Your Story. Start Today.

Sara General


It has been my dream for so long to write books and own a publishing company. Recently, I went to get a reading done to see how everything was going with me healthwise. I’m trying to think of an easy way to explain what a reading is. Basically it’s like going to see someone who can help you understand what your spiritual wellbeing is like and if there are any traditional medicines that might help you.


I can be very neglectful of my spiritual health. It’s too easy for me to take a 'mind over matter' attitude about life. A few years ago, it was a real struggle for me to acknowledge that I was more than just a brain and a body—I was actually an emotional and spiritual being as well. Now it just makes so much sense to me, but at first, it was really hard to see it that way. I was like one of those Autumn People in the roleplaying game, Changeling. Incredibly skeptical and super colonized. (Which is weird, because I used to love role-playing games and imagination). Happily, I've been slowly rediscovering how awesome it is to be apart of this universe. I've also learned a lot more about myself, my ancestors and our stories. I still have a lot to learn but getting readings done every once in awhile helps me. I am very grateful for people who have this gift. (One of the characters in my story actually has this gift as well which is kind of cool). 


One of the things that the reader told me was that they could see me surrounded by all of these books. They said that they could tell I gathered a lot of strength from writing and reading.  This is probably true in more ways than they realized. My Ogwehoweh name, Odadrihonyanisoh, actually means she likes to read. And of course, there is my dream—to have a company that brings stories to life and to write some myself.


Anyways, it was a nice reminder of how important it is that I keep going, even when I’m not exactly sure where all of this is headed or what the company will look like in five years. I know what I would love for it to look like but I may have to do another vision board or planning exercise to help chart the way forward. For now, the reading was an awesome reminder that I am on a path that is very important to my spirit, my creative self and my physical being.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I get super, super crabby when I don’t read, write or create. I start to feel lost and sad, like I have all of this pent up energy and emotion. And it can’t be writing things like blog posts or things for work. It has to be this other kind of writing—of books and short stories and poems.


Over the last few years I have been trying to commit more time to writing. I’ve learned a few things, like how to write everyday, but I still have a lot to learn (like how to get better at editing and revising). It took me such a long time to develop these habits. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it was because even though I knew I wanted to write, I let too much negativity in. I would believe people when they said to make sure I had a back up because you couldn’t make a living at being a writer. And so I would spend most of my time getting good at my back up instead of doing the thing I really wanted to do.  


Also, until Twitter and the Internet, it was very lonely trying to be a writer. It’s a relatively solitary activity, after all. Now, the experience is so different—every day I can find a positive story about writing. It’s awesome. I think a part of what is happening is that more people are able to connect over their love of stories and reading. And maybe so many people are putting it out there how much they want their dreams of being a writer to come true that the universe is answering back. I don’t know. All I know is that it is a great time to be a writer. It is a great time to write and share your story. So do it. Write your story. Start today. You’ll feel so much better getting something down—even if it’s only a sentence. 


That is all. Happy Writing!