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A Wondrous Hiatus


A Wondrous Hiatus

Sara General

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Love really does bring forth the artist in me. I have been on hiatus from the blog while preparing for the arrival of my little sweetheart but over the last few months my mind has been as busy as ever about art, education and writing, Treaties and peacefulness. Most especially because all of what these things will mean for my little girl and the adventures that we’ll have now that she’s arrived. She was born on Mother’s Day, an incredible gift all on its own and the whole experience was as amazing as I could have imagined.  

Writing seems even more important now that she’s here - writing stories, poems and songs for her and about her. Writing the kind of characters I think she would enjoy. Suddenly, every story, even ones that I’ve read a hundred times over seem new to me too and I want to read them again. Creating art also has a rediscovered fun and freedom to it. I’m working on some poetry for the anthology, I’ve started writing a new story about vampires (I think I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the vampire genre) and I’ve even started painting again, something I haven’t done in years. I think the reason for this sudden swell of artistic energy stems from the fact that my most pressing and paramount concern is that my daughter is happy, healthy and safe. It’s helped me to take art less seriously, which has somehow made it all flow so much easier.


Suffice it to say, I am feeling incredibly, enormously grateful to the universe for my little family and the happiness we enjoy. Nya:węh.


Wishing happy and good thoughts to you all!