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Waiting Rooms


Waiting Rooms

Sara General


I'm sitting in a hospital waiting room playing the Ocarina of Time and starting to read this book by ekaterina sedia that I've been trying for years to read called 'the secret history of moscow'. It's a waiting room and so it brings all the waiting room quirks along with. But it's also a place where people go to heal and so along with everything, i am keenly aware of the frailty of human health and the importance of tenderness and compassion when trying to help anyone, but especially people who are unwell. It always seems to come out most at times like this. This is the kind of place where every voice pulls at your heart in some way, a place where silent oaths are made and where I remember that even these isolated incidents are probably connected in some manner that only the universe understands and sometimes deigns to share with us. It's one of the ways, the physical ways that peace is balanced and maintained. Health. I know so little about medicines and health from our indigenous perspectives. I'd like to know more so that I could help people. It's an area where two very different ways of healing might complement one another and create a kind of harmony. I hope that everyone here is able to feel better and well. The weather outside is cool and autumn-like. This post will be my first that I wrote remotely, wirelessly, from a hand-held device. Pretty cool. Also, tonight I learned some new Cayuga words. So all in all, I'm feeling pretty fortunate. Nya:weh :) S.